About Us

Founders/Authors/Executive Producers – Joe and Debra Cascio

Joe and Debra Cascio are creators and authors of the Reinventing Nero storyline whose family owned and operated the cleaning franchise from which the story originated. Previously, Joe served as Vice President at Morgan Stanley with over 25 years of management experience in Systems Development, Human Resources, Benefits, Compensation, Diversity, Payroll, Accounts Payable and Project Management. He supported a diverse population of over 50,000 employees, with a management staff of 10 and an annual budget of $6 million. Debra ran the family business and afterwards completed her education receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in childhood education.

Founder/President/Director/Executive Producer – Joe Flannigan

Joe Flannigan is a former Executive Director of Morgan Stanley with over 30 years of management experience before co-founding JJJ Productions LLC. He is knowledgeable and skilled in communicating, negotiating and managing personnel across varying tiers in multiple countries. Proficient at analyzing problems, pinpointing and enacting solutions, he successfully resolved challenges in the organization. He has a proven ability at motivating people to develop their strengths and leadership skills. He efficiently managed an annual budget of over $50 million – ensuring that funds were used wisely and effectively for resource management and all related processes. While working in the financial industry, Joe spent his spare time closely following the TV/Film industry and has extensive knowledge of both the technical and business aspects of this industry. These skills were used to direct as well as co-produce JJJ Production’s first short.

Founder/Vice President/Producer/Writer – Joe A. Cascio

Joe A. Cascio is a graduate of Wagner College. Joe is one of those unique writers who understand the rhythms of a movie script. Although he worked in the family business for many years, after college he decided to devote his attention full time to the business so he could focus on writing the original script for Reinventing Nero. Joe continues to support local theater and writing his own screenplays.

Writer – John Aristizabal

John Aristizabal has been a working actor for nearly four years after years of writing his own screenplays. After working 19 years at Morgan Stanley John gave up the corporate world to reinvent himself – focusing on writing. He has studied improv to help himself discover his range as a writer and actor in comic and dramatic roles. John continues to audition for roles that challenge him – when he’s not working out or taking salsa lessons.

Counsel – Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell&Vassallo, P.C.

Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell&Vassallo, P.C., represent clients in the entertainment industry with a diverse practice ranging from the core entertainment areas of film, television, music, theater and literary publishing, to cutting edge developments in branded entertainment and digital media.

Accountant – Maniscalco&Picone, CPAs, P.C.

Maniscalso&Picone’s practice is principally composed of privately held business, individuals and trusts, offering tax and financial planning.

Consultant – Dolores Morris

Dolores Morris is a five-time Emmy award winning producer and former Vice President of HBO family. She supervised all aspects of marketing, promotion and production. Ms. Morris is also a well-known motivational speaker and community activist who serves on Executive Boards of several leading organizations. Ms. Morris is currently promoting her new book The Soldier That Wagged Her Tail, inspired by her father’s military service.

Consultant – Lisa Kleger

Lisa Kleger is a former Information Technology and Human Resources Executive with over 30 years’ experience in the development and implementation of comprehensive information systems for Morgan Stanley. As founder of Kleger Consulting, she privately analyzes business needs and consults on a wide-range of business issues that position companies for future growth and development.

Associate Producer – Louise Sorger

Louise Sorger guided her own children’s acting and modeling careers over 10 years. She segued from child talent management to associate producer where Louise has had a significant role behind the scenes. She possesses excellent writing and editing skills as well as sound organizational, communication and interpersonal skills.

Assistant Director – Loretta Worters

Loretta Worters has worked in the communications industry for more than 25 years. Serving as a national spokesperson for the property and casualty insurance industry, she has been frequently quoted in leading publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Business Week, Forbes, Fortune and U.S. News & World Report, and appears regularly on television networks including ABC, CNBC, CNN and Fox. Ms. Worters has scripted and directed a variety of videos. One such production, Don’t Play Games with Fanny Flame, received wide acclaim by educators and won the bronze apple award from the National Educational Film & Video Festival. Ms. Worters has authored and co-authored articles that have appeared in numerous insurance publications. Her personal writing has appeared in Newsday and several literary publications and blogs and she is completing her literary memoir, After the Storm. She has an M.A. in Communications from the New School for Social Research and a B.A. in Journalism from Dowling College.

Market Research – Larry Okoth

Larry Okoth has his MBA in Marketing Management from Pace University’s Lubin School of Business. He has experience in marketing communications, customer relations, finance and administration. Mr. Okoth brings his versatile background combined with a keen interest in culture, entertainment, and design with him to contribute to the strategy formulation and business development process of JJJ Productions.

Market Analyst – Qing Qing “Ivy” Liu

Ivy Liu is an Investment Management graduate student at Pace University, New York and studied Finance in Hong Kong. She has a strong real-world background in asset management, business communication, financial analysis and quantitative modeling. Ms. Liu’s diverse work experience and knowledge enables her to make significant contributions to JJJ Productions.

Make-Up Artist and Hair Stylist – Jessica Spinelli

Jessica Spinelli is a professional makeup artist and Sales Associate for M-A-C Cosmetics. She has an Associate’s Degree in Specialized Business and attended the Tom Savini Special Effects School. Ms. Spinelli has done everything from theatrical make-up, ethnicity replication, sculpting, hair ventilation, airbrushing, teeth fabrication, scars, bruises, wounds and mold making.

Wardrobe – Emily Strauss

Emily Strauss was trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied fashion merchandising management. Emily has taken her fine art skills to a whole new level by creating a business painting/ decorating business including wall murals, hand painted floors, glass, ceilings, stair cases, shoes etc. She has been a freelance stylist for various photo shoots, organizing shows for New York Fashion Week, working directly with model agencies and event planning. She also worked side by side as a stylist with Shareen Mitchell from the hit TV show “Dresscue Me” and has had several internships in design houses. Ms. Strauss hopes to continue growing in her field combining the two worlds of fashion and fine arts.